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Prey Day MOD apk latest version 1.133.1 [Immortality]

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Prey Day MOD apk – the zombie activity story of which unfurls in a specific city wherein there was a flare-up of a pandemic, the infection of which transformed individuals into the strolling dead and now scarcely any survivors are compelled to battle for their reality. Thusly, the hero awakens in the medical clinic, encircled ….  Read More

Temple Run 2 MOD apk 1.75.0 (Unlimited Money) Download Now

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Temple Run 2 MOD apk – It is an excellent runner for Android devices that have conquered millions of players around the world. In this game, you will play for an archaeologist who is looking for wealth but things never change as expected, you wake up a thousand-year-old monster that hunts Temple Run 2 MOD. ….  Read More

Bagimu Pemuda Malas, Nan Enggan Bekerja

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  Pada sebuah kesempatan, Syaikh Masyhur Hasan Salman hafizhahullah ditanya, “Ada seorang pemuda, ia mampu bekerja tapi enggan bekerja. Apa pendapat anda?” Beliau menjawab: Pendapatku sama dengan pendapat Ibnu Mas’ud radhiallahu ‘anhu, أرى الشاب فيعجبني فأسأل عن عمله فيقولون لا يعمل فيسقط من عيني “Aku melihat seorang pemuda, ia membuatku kagum. Lalu aku bertanya kepada ….  Read More