Download Stealth Master MOD apk 1.8.2 (Unlimited Money)

Stealth Master MOD apk – in this game, you need to move intelligently to the elevator Download Stealth Master. Try to be caught in the eyes of the guards, armed and dangerous. If this happens, you need to get rid of it with your arsenal of weapons. Download Stealth Master There may be traps in your path, such as security cameras, that pass you by so that you do not get noticed.

Stealth Master MOD apk 1.8.2


App Name Stealth Master – Ninja Killer
Size 91 MB
Version 1.8.2
Android support 5.0 or Above
Last Update 27 April 2021
Offered By SayGames
Category Action
Price FREE

stealth masterassassin ninja mod apk is a game in which you play the role of a Ninja with good intentions. Knowing about the ancient esoteric Japanese art, you will be able to familiarize yourself with those processes. Let’s start with the in-game games with a kill bad team. Players on the light and justice side Download Stealth Master Download Stealth Master Download Stealth Master Download Stealth Master Download Stealth Master Download Stealth Master Download Stealth Master. With excellent combat skills, you will enter the gangster quarters. Stealth Master brings you the most dangerous levels. Includes a typical Ninja attack and escape in case of an emergency. Now is the time to apply what you have learned in school. In fact, it will be very different from opinion.

Download Stealth Master MOD apk

Download Stealth Master


  • Unlimited money
  • Unlocked everything
  • Unlocked Skins
  • No ads

How to play Stealth Master

You will start playing the Stealth Master game for Android as a basic ninja. He may not look like much, but believe us, his job is to be trained to kill. And, he’s really good at what he does.

To begin with, you will be taken to the level and presented to your target. This target will be the manager at the end of your section. You need to make sure they are removed without a single sound or ringing. This is a covert operation. Therefore, do not leave witnesses around.

Sneak your way through dirty companies and office buildings. Security and hunters will be out looking for you. Either embarrass yourself around them or make sure they don’t live to tell their story.

In addition, you can use different stealth skills and weapons to help your equipment. You can throw shuriken on anything that comes near you. Or, disguise yourself as a plant to escape your past.


Once you have cleared your target, and for all your activities, you are rewarded with cash. This money can be used for your skills, even for a few cosmetic options.

Customize your ninja with a variety of skin options. Keep it customized with different and fun packages. There are even a few iconic skins, such as the Kill Bill, and Spider-Man style skins that you can enjoy.


Now, let’s talk about controls. In fact, there is one easy way to control the Sneak Master game. That’s it – press, hold and drag your finger on the screen to move your ninja. That’s right, every other action will be done automatically depending on how close you are to your enemies and targets.

Additionally, a certain amount of energy and energy can be expended, just by standing still. Easy touch and accessibility keep the game fun and immersive at all times.

Download Stealth Master Graphics

The drawings are also not very troublesome. Everything, from models to nature in 3D. The models are not well defined, but that is not the point or essence of the game. It is not intended to be taken lightly.

So enjoy your gameplay and appreciate simple HD 3D graphics.

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