How To Make Private Dorks

How To Make Private Dorks – How to get dorks for sqli dumper i think this is quite easy, because some people do not know this way. many people ask how to use sqli dumper to get combos, you only need to follow this method. 

How To Make Private Dorks

How To Make Private Dorks

need to know how it is actually not a secret, almost all do not know. then without lingering I will show you how, you just need to follow the method below.

Page Types for Dorks

the so-called page type is like this “pages.php?id=” , then what about Netflix dorks? actually it doesn’t exist, it’s just that they have a combo that fits perfectly with Netflix. then they call it Netflix dorks.

How To Make Combos for Cracking

  1. first open
  2. then specify the keywords that you think the website will be full of combos.
  3. if you have found the right keywords. now you open the prefix suffix.
  4. Enter keywords into box, then enter the pages type
  5. just simple.
maybe later I will upload the dorks maker tools, so that it is easier for you to make dorks. if you are still confused, please just message in the comments column, later I will help you as much as possible.
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